“Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.”



Being ignorant is one of the things that’s holding us from being conscious enough to make a change and not settle for second bests.

The kind of consciousness that people like Steve Biko and his counterparts had in the apartheid era allowed them to stand against the system that degraded black people as human being and questioned their native citizenry as South Africans. They did not have fear of death or being tortured because they stood for rectitude and  moral conduct. Our country did not attain freedom because of people who sat down and watched what was being done to them, it was because people saw something wrong and decided to stand up in contrast to it


It goes without saying that in this generation much consciousness is expected from us as the youth/students despite the fact that we are no longer in the times of Apartheid and being made to feel inferior. Today our views and opinions can be articulated without fear of torture or death but yet we rather be ignorant and selfish about matters that affect us extremely.

We as tertiary student have the right platform and knowledge about current matters that need redress and thus much is expected from us. If you do not agree with something in your university, residence or community, you have every right to stand up against it, provided you can reason and can show people the legitimacy of your point of view.


if we can critically be able to analyse current event and conclude how they can affect us, if we can be able to speak out about matter that affect us, if we are  able to stand up against whichever system that we don’t agree with, whether it’s a political, social or an economic phenomenon, then and only then will we be able to make our  country a better place to be. A conscious person has every right in the world to govern the ignorant because he is unwilling to speak out and unable to fight for that which he believes is right.